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BTMAT at the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP)

The International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) is a world-wide organization of doctors, nurses, medical scientists, and parents of children with cancer. There are continental and country conferences on a yearly basis, where ideas, experiences and research results are presented and discussed.

BTMAT’s Clinical Director (Professor Peter Hesseling), its Founder (Dr Peter McCormick), and its senior Supervisor of the work in Cameroon (Dr Francine Kouya) are all members of SIOP, and attend as many conferences relating to Africa as they are able.

Attending such meetings ensures that we meet and confer with like-minded colleagues working in the same field as ourselves. We benefit from this interaction. Our oral and poster presentations are published in SIOP’s journal – Paediatric Blood and Cancer.

In October 2011 the main conference is in Auckland, New Zealand; Dr Peter McCormick will attend and present one aspect of our work.

In March 2012 there is an African meeting in Capetown; Prof Hesseling, Dr Peter McCormick, Dr Paul Wharin, Dr Francine Kouya, Dr Edouard Katayi, and two of our Research Assistant Nurses will all attend and present different aspects of our work.
In October 2012 the main SIOP conference is in London; BTMAT will have a major part to play in that meeting!

Forthcoming events

Two concerts are coming soon. We hope that a fair sum of money will come BTMAT’s way as a result.

The Rector and Churchwardens of Thorpe Malsor C of E Church, Northamptonshire, invited us to arrange a musical concert in the Church. This has been planned, and takes place on August 27th. We have Faryl Smith, a talented mezzo-soprano (who is 16 years old today – July 23rd) – and a Patron of our Trust, to sing for us; an even more youthful boy (age 14) to sing to us; a prize-winning organist, Mark Pescott to perform solos on the newly restored Casson organ, and a choir to sing music in a lighter vein, under the leadership of an experienced musician of Kettering – Miss Janet Spence.

On November 11th there is to be a performance of ‘Half a Sixpence’ – a musical based on HG Wells’s novel ‘Kipps’ and made famous by Tommy Steele. Curious that Peter studied this book for his O Level English Lit., 58 years ago! The show will be held at Sharnbrook Mill Theatre; a beautiful restoration of the old mill. Of the 200 available seats, half are for the benefit of Dr Barnardo’s Charity, and half for BTMAT.

Do you live anywhere near Kettering, Northants, or Sharnbrook, Beds?

BTMAT affiliated with World Child Cancer

BTMAT is proud to announce that we are now affiliated with World Child Cancer, a fairly new charitable organisation dedicated to the increasing problem of child cancer in developing countries, where only one in 10 survives compared to eight in 10 in developed countries.

World Child Cancer has established commitment in 5 centres globally, and has a further 10 projects in development. Our own projects in Cameroon have been scrutinised by World Child Cancer, and we are high on the list of their priorities.

Professor Tim Eden – formerly of Manchester University – heads World Child Cancer, and is a longterm friend and colleague of our own Clinical Director – Professor Peter Hesseling of Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

BTMAT cannot expect to make a major impact in the management of child cancer in the resource-poor world; collaboration and co-operation with others in the same field, and the sharing of ideas and experiences is paramount.

It is an honour that BTMAT has been recognized as a serious humanitarian and scientific organization in the provision of care for the underprivileged people of Cameroon. It is with gratitude to World Child Cancer that we are led to believe that we will receive, in due course, considerable financial assistance from them.