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Expect… attempt

Dr Paul Wharin, a retired family doctor in Kettering, and a neighbour of Peter, is a solid Christian in the Baptist tradition, and an active and highly respected Trustee of BTMAT.

When Paul first visited Banso Baptist Hospital in Cameroon in 2007, he met and had a long conversation with Rev. Moses Tanni, Chaplain and a senior member of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board. At the end of this conversation, the Chaplain said these words: ‘We expect great things from God; we will attempt great things for God’. Paul was astonished at this, for these words are carved in stone outside an old mission house in our home town of Kettering. They are the words of William Carey, who was a prime mover in the missionary field over 200 years ago, and the founder of what subsequently became the Baptist Missionary Society. Paul had travelled three thousand miles from Kettering to Banso, to hear these words solemnly pronounced by an African pastor!

Christianity first came to Cameroon by an English Baptist – Alfred Saker (1814 – 1880). He founded the city called Victoria, now (since 1982) renamed Limbé. His memorial monument can be seen there still.


Alfred Saker memorial in Victoria

Alfred Saker memorial in Victoria